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Do You Need Financial Planning Services in High Point, NC?

Through more than 40 years of experience providing financial planning and services to individuals, families and businesses, we understand that achieving each client’s goal is not realized through a “one size fits all” approach. At J. Brooks Reitzel Financial Planning Services, we’re committed to guiding each client through a highly individualized process. With our extensive background, we use invaluable experience to help our clients achieve their desired goals. To see how we can help improve your current situation, schedule a consultation today. 

Good financial planning should start early in each person’s life and continue throughout their lifetime to address the change in circumstances and the challenges that can take place over time. When a young couple marries they must decide whether, when and how to buy a house. Parents need to plan for their children’s future. If a person starts their own business, they must determine when and how it would be most beneficial. If a business grows, there are always questions to answer about how to manage that growth. If a business makes a mistake, its owners need to identify which types of professionals they need to hire to resolve the issue. Someone selling a business requires assistance in order to optimize the outcome. For every person or family, saving and investment decisions need to be made in the early years; careful planning is critical to prepare for the retirement years; and when life ends, plans need to be in place for those who are left. Brooks has the experience and the insight to help with any of your financial planning needs.

Reaching Goals Requires a Process

At J. Brooks Reitzel Financial Planning Services, we lead you through a proven process to achieve your desired objectives. 

The process includes the following steps:

Understanding: We meet with you and any other affected parties to gain a complete understanding of your goals, and to identify any challenges that might stand in the way of reaching them.

Analyzing: Once we understand your individual circumstances and clearly define what you want to achieve, we conduct a detailed analysis and then we develop a plan of action.

Acting: We put the plan into motion while ensuring flexibility so we are able to make changes as circumstances change or issues arise.

Most important, you can expect to be personally involved every step of the way. Throughout the process, you can be certain that we pay attention to the details and the developments that affect your desired outcome.

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Great expectations

We have successfully assisted hundreds of clients in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem and the surrounding areas. We attribute our achievements not only to experience, knowledge and resourcefulness, but also to our absolute commitment to find the best possible course of action for each client. We believe that personal attention is the primary element that determines success. So whether it’s an individual, a family, a business or a corporate executive that needs a plan to reach an objective – or a strategy to solve financial challenges – we give each client the same top quality service. 
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